The Ultimate Wine Uncorking Machine


Professional Grade,
Fast, Reliable and

An easy, Fast and Fun product. Removes corks from a wine bottle in seconds. It generates nautical sounds and lighting (& colors) when in use. It’s nautical technology successfully applied to the challenge of uncorking a wine bottle. Winch the cork out! Includes a professional four-blade foil cutter.

Welcome Aboard

Why Wine Winch

Operating the wine winch


Remove foil from the wine bottle using the free FOUR BLADE foilcutter.


Press the POWER button. The transparent light skirt will shine a steady lights.


Place the wine bottle against the BULKHEAD in the base and holding the bottle firmly with two hands, raise the bottle gently upward into the bottle neck guide as far as you can. Always keep the bottle in a vertical position. The spiral will automatically begin rotating into the cork and removes the cork upward out of the bottle neck. When the red light begins flashing, the cork is out


Remove the wine bottle from the base.


Press the DROP CORK button and catch the cork in your hand.

Press the DROP CORK button and catch the cork in your hand.

About Us

More than 14 years ago Byron Varme started his quest to better the wine drinker’s experience. Today we use his boat-inspired winch to open wine bottles effortlessly and with a touch of panache. Cheers to Byron!

The use of a nautical winch to facilitate the uncorking of wine bottles was conceived by Byron Kahrs Varme who was issued a US Patent No. 8011276 B-2 entitled "Winch-type Corkscrew Assembly" on Nov. 10th 2011. He subsequently granted Franmara, Inc. the worldwide rights to develop and market the Wine Winch. Franmara, Inc. founded in 1970, is one of the largest distributors of wine accessories in the world. Franmara also markets the Electopull and Paragon professional wine uncorking machines for commercial applications.


“Big, beautiful and incredibly well-built! Fabulous design, works great and could open an entire cellar of bottles. Used with several different types and ages of cork with a 100% success rate. I like the cut of the Wine Winch’s jib!”

John L. O.

“The beautiful elegant nautical lines make it a wonderful addition to our bar. Works like a top and is a fun compliment to enjoying any number of bottles of wine with friends; starts conversation and is a party starter. Our grandkids love the lights and the look of the sailboat.”

Gerrit and Judi W.

“The wine winch sailboat is attractive, powerful, and fast. Unlike my other sailboats, it also does a great job opening wine bottles!”

Larry R.

The Ultimate Uncorking Machine.

The purchase of the Wine Winch is $1275, including shipping anywhere in continental US. Certain promotional discounts may be available. Payments may be made by credit card.

Dimensions: 25.2” high x 9” wide x 13.1” Deep. Weight 17.8 lbs. Patents and Trade Marks in the USA and other countries.